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  1. @Quez, I may be missing something here, but still, why don't you simply tap on a song to play it? What do you need an option in the 'long press menu' for?
  2. @maxmp, Will you please port a few more lines of code from 790 beta to the alpha version of the app? = tweak the Poweramp icon in the status bar to show the current player status (play/pause)?
  3. Hi Max, Thank you for the update. You made my day. In version 790 I can select OpenSL ES HD output for wired headset. I can't do that in 705 as there is only USB DAC and Bluetooth in the list of OpenSL ES HD outputs. Does this mean: 1. My ROM doesn't actually support Hi res output for headphones and although 790 is showing it the output isn't actually hi resolution? 2. I better start begging the developers of the ROM my phone is currently on to do a little bit of magic [aka add all the Qualcomm additions (Alchemy-CAF code)]? Everything else works flawlessly. Thanks again for v 705! - Xiaomi Mi 5S, Android 8.1, LineageOS 15.1
  4. If you're using MusicFX with Poweramp than you're doing it wrong. That's like getting a Ferrari and driving it up to maximum 20 miles/hour. Poweramp's built in equaliser is far more superior. If you set it up right you'll forget MusicFX even exists.
  5. Hi there Mi 5S LineageOS 15.1 brother, "Hi res" is only supported by Poweramp up until Android Nougat. For Android Oreo "Open SL HD" is the "Hi resolution" output you should use. Cheers
  6. I'm on 8.1 as well. This doesn't work for me either. It works on Android 8.1 with Poweramp 704 alpha but it doesn't with 790 pre beta. I suppose Max hasn't ported this option yet. I'm confident he'll do it in one of the future versions.
  7. That's a good question. When I was having the same bug, 790 hasn't been released yet, so I was using 704. I updated the firmware and the bug vanished. After that, no issues with 704. Now I'm on LineageOS 15.1. No sight of that bug with 704 and 790.
  8. Yes, they do. No problems whatsoever. Side note: "resume playing" when headset is connected is not working in the beta preview. Hopefully, Maxim will address this with the next update. Back to your issue, updating the firmware didn't fix the bug you reported a few pages back? If you ask me, this is a firmware/ROM issue. It has nothing to do with Poweramp. If the new firmware didn't do the trick, report the bug to the forum where you got your ROM from. In the meantime, just put your phone on silent or vibrate while commuting. Later edit: Upgrade to LineageOS 15.1. Just like you, I've got a Xiaomi device. My device is running on LineageOS 15.1 and the audio channels work flawlessly.
  9. 1. General Poweramp question (it also applies to the previous versions): What's the difference between "Shuffle Songs/Lists" and "Shuffle All"? According to my experiments, the only difference is the name as their behavior is identical. 2. "Repeat song" is the 'repeat' option I'm using most. @maxmp, can you make it activate on a single tap instead of having to tap 3 times? In a perfect universe, there is an option in settings that allows users to customize this as they please. 3. Please move *close (x)* to the left in the notification thingy. Also, please change the icons to skip tracks from *forward/rewind* like they are now into *next/previous track* (see Google Play Music and/or YouTube notification as an example of the icons I'm referring to). 4. Please allow us to remove the album art from playlist/list view. It occupies too much precious space. 5. The new animations are dope. Can you please also add animatons when switching from library view to equalizer or search (and vice-versa)? 6. Please make the bottom (white) bar transparent as now it stands out too much. Or, ditch the bar completely and just leave out the 4 icons but make them transparent, like shuffle & song repeat icons/buttons are/used to be in the alpha version. Another thing that would be nice to have is reducing the number of icons in the same bottom bar by moving "equalizer" in the "3 lines" menu. I don't know about you guys, but once I set up the equalizer the way I like it (which I do after a clean install) I never touch it again. So, it would make all the sense in the world to me to have "equalizer" in the "3 lines menu" instead. 7. Can we please have the option to choose between the new soundcloud-like seek bar and the old one? If not (which would be sad), can you at least tweak it in the following way: have a promodj.com type of seek bar (where you still have the SoundCloud style seek bar but you can see it all at once) so we could easily move to a certain part of a long mix and then, upon 'tap and hold' on the seek bar, change it's behavior and appearance into the current implementation (SoundCloud style). I hope this makes sense to you, not only to me. 8. Although activated in settings, "beep" when changing the track via bloototh or volume buttons is not working. Please bring this option back from the dead. 9. Please make the "info/tags" window to open in full screen instead of half screen so we wouldn't have to scroll to see everything in there. Also in the "info/tags" territory, please allow us to edit the composer. 10. Please remove the artist name and song title from album art. It's not looking pretty the way it is now. It's like you're watching a movie while there constantly are 10 mosquitos on the TV screen. You can cut the seek bar size in half and use the new space for the artist name and song title. 11. Please bring back the old, classic and uber eficient 'next' and 'previous song' buttons in the main UI of the player. 12. Please set up Poweramp to automatically open keyboard after tapping "search". 13. Album art on lock screen is now blurred. Please turn off the blur. Device & OS: Xiaomi Mi 5S; Android 8.1, LineageOS 15.1
  10. Other than the name, what's the difference (if any) between Hi resolution output and OpenSL ES HD output? My Xiaomi Mi 5S, running LineageOS 15.1 (Android O, 8.1), doesn't have the HI resolution output. @maxmp, can you please do your magic and add it?
  11. I second this. @maxmp, please don't fix what's not broken. Bring back the 'tap on elapsed time' to start the song from the beginning. Спасибо.
  12. LineageOS 14.1 is your OS version. Firmware is something else. Go to the xda developers forum of LineageOS 14.1 for your Redmi 4 Prime and kindly ask there for a link to the latest version of the firmware. I suppose you can also use the all mighty Google to find it. Flash the .zip via TWRP and enjoy your music on the train without having your fellow commuters constantly grinning at you. Godspeed.
  13. @daveaspec, This used to happen to me as well but, at least in my case, it wasn't Poweramp related. It was a firmware issue so as soon as I updated my firmware it never happened again.
  14. This is not the case on my Xiaomi Mi 5S running on Android 8.1, LineageOS 15.1. The back button works just like it did in the previous versions of Poweramp. Have you tried a 'clean install' of Poweramp? Some fuzzy behaviors have been solved by other users just by doing that.
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