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  1. Same setup with Pixel5 and Poweramp most recent play version - nothing works. Pressing play button Google Nest Hub does not react. Pressing Play at Hub Poweramp starts playing but no audio. Skips back after one or two seconds. Doesn't work with Google Nest Hub nor Google Mini Speaker. 😒

    Pixel5 with Android 11 stock image - all standard. Poweramp still not Android11 compatible?

  2. I am on preview build 790 on my Blackberry Priv with Snapdragon 808. 
    HD auto output is fine with wired headset and 192kHz sampling rate max. Only when playing around with the DVC / gain option I had a bug of weired down sampled audio from time to time (around half of the normal speed). Stopping and restart play solved this.

    I do also use Fiio K1 USB DAC with 96kHz sampling (device maximum) working beautifully on my Priv.

    No sound distortion and perfect Fidelity even with Equ enabled. The quality improvement from native Android audio API to High Res output on a HiFi wired headset is clearly noticeable on my Priv and comes surprisingly close the the DAC output.

    The USB DAC quality is perfect as it should be.

    thanx for that great preview build! Mike

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