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  1. Hey man I know about the lockscreen issue. I was just informing that is this a device specific or common issue for all
  2. Hey man black theme is in the third priority for Max to develop Atleast be thankful to Max that an update has come(2 yrs) out and he just has little more to fine tune it And finally and eventually we will get a stable update @maxmp
  3. Wakelock Don't even work in Mi A1 But disabling all lockscreen options worked but I don't want it to be a permanent solution I think this should be addressed either by making the wakelock work or actually fixing it in the next update *no offense ?
  4. I think I found a bug When I cast my screen to the TV the Poweramp wavebar is very gittery (shakey) it goes back and for Anyone else facing this problem
  5. I recommend that u give this Equalizer Setting a try ? I use this for good BASS & CLARITY.
  6. Oops I messed up ? BTW once it's implemented properly it can be used though Although the @Wolfpig for correcting me
  7. For those who don't know is hi res or hd working or not ? NOTE: no device detection implemented yet for the new OpenSL HD Output, it will happily report it plays hi-res, even if device doesn't actually support Hi-Res Audio Once implied correctly u can view this if it works or not ?
  8. Thx for your help but it's not working this method but by disabling lockscreen options it works
  9. Anyone plz help When music is playing and the screen goes off Music STOPS I already tried disabling battery optimization, reinstalled the app Device is mi a1, sd625 , Android 8.0 Plz help ? @maxmp@andrewilley
  10. Wait i hi res is working in Mi 5x, I don't have the option I'm using Mi A1 ( it's the global version of Mi 5x ) Plz help ?
  11. Mi A1 Android 8.0 ( Android One ) http://mobile.mi.com/in/mi-a1/ Plz try to put it into the newer update ? audio_policy.conf
  12. And when V4 comes out Thanos will get it. Infinity war part 2 releases on 2019. That mean we all r screwed ( v4 in 2019)
  13. Today Thanos will start gathering all the infinity stones This journey took 10 yrs for Thanos. The mind stone is still not reveled ? OMG Poweramp V3 beta is the mind stone. Cuz it's driving us mad and playing with our MINDS ?
  14. Mi A1 Stock ( Android 8.0.0 ) https://m.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_a1-8776.php#india http://www.mi.com/in/mi-a1/ Full audio details If possible add support in v3 build ? audio_policy.conf
  15. Thanks man but just asking how do u know that high res audio is working ? The audio quality btw play music and Poweramp is different( Poweramp is better obviously) Is that mean high res Is working ???
  16. Hey Audio Experts, I need to ask about something that's there in my phone but I don't know what it means can you help me out My phone is a Mi A1 There is some sort of an amplifier in it But does it work with the alpha builds ? http://mobile.mi.com/in/app/mi-a1
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