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  1. I'm not noticing any issues on Oreo with the Mate 9. However I'm keen to know when we'll get v3 beta as I've been on alpha 703 for quite some time. Stable as and I like it but there doesn't seem to be a v3 build out to test yet. Will we be able to revert to alpha build once the v3 beta goes live if it doesn't work? Or will we have to quit beta programme and go back to official version. I am happy with the 703 alpha and hoping that I'll be able to keep it if I find the update troublesome I've not been part of any beta programme before so I really don't know how it works. This one seems pretty s
  2. Poweramp is the best music player on android by far. I've used it on all my devices for years. I had wondered if there was any further development as alpha has been out for ages. It's a great improvement to v2 as far as I'm concerned. Reading this thread it sounds to me like v3 beta and release will be bigger changes still from v2 with a total menu overhaul. I'd like to see some screenshots or concept pics as I'd love to see which way this great app is going visually. Keep up the great work ?
  3. My shield k1 tablet was killing the app when it ran in background, not just pausing it. I can confirm that disabling doze in Nougat rectified my issue. I guess 2GB ram isn't enough for modern android to run faultlessly without some tweaking. I don't get the issue on my mate 9 with 4GB ram. Thanks for helping me find the answer to my issue ?
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