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  1. Hey there, I've been running into a major annoyance with Poweramp Pro lately. I mostly use Poweramp to listen to audio books, and using XiiaLive for listening to web radios. Problem is, Poweramp is way too aggressive with picking up commands from my bluetooth headset. As soon as I press play, regardless of whether I've used Poweramp since turning on my phone or not, Poweramp starts playing. It even does this is XiiaLive (or Audio book player, or any other app) is currently in focus. This is quite annoying, and looking at the options menu the only two options are to disable bluetooth altogether, or to increase priority? What would that even do? =) Anyway, preferably I would like Poweramp to respond to my bluetooth if: It is currently in focus It is currently playing a file It is told to play within a short time, say half a minute, after pausing The widget is currently visible This would really heighten my user experience. Finally, if this is some kind of bug, here're my specs: Phone: Galaxy Nexus Android version: 4.02 (vanilla, rooted) Headset: MW600 Poweramp version: 2.06-build-507 Full version And using the Poweramp widget, 4 tiles wide, 1 high. Thanks in advance!
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