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  1. So grateful for gapless wma tracks support!!! Thank you!
  2. That is fabulous news, Max! Thank you so much for such incredible customer service! Can't wait for the new build!!
  3. Thank you very much for your thoughtful replies! Max, I just sent you a couple of files via gmail. Fingers crossed! I would agree with DeadHead that Poweramp is an amazing app and that Max has done a fabulous job with it!
  4. I just upgraded to v3 from v2 to see if the gapless issue was corrected. I have build 838 and am still getting the slight gap between songs. I have tried DeadHead's workarounds (disabling Cur Parse, Preloading tracks with maximum amount, Crossfade with minimal amount) and that helps somewhat. DeadHead, would you be able to pass along any other tips for me to completely eliminate the gapless issue? The majority of my files are WMA files. Thanks!
  5. I have never had any problems with cut hidden tracks or intros.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Max. I certainly appreciate the time you have put into your amazing app. I guess the point to me for having the old Cut Silence option is for those of us who have encoded hundreds of CDs over the year in a non-gapless format. It's just not practical for me to re-rip all of my CDs. I have no idea how much coding is involved in bringing Cut Silence back, but I imagine there would be many people in my situation who would be grateful for that feature.
  7. Max, so is this a 'No, Cut Silence will not be coming back?' I thought that it worked beautifully in V2.
  8. This sums it up for me, too. Is V3 somehow not compatible with the 'cut silence' feature? There is no way I will re-encode most of my albums to accommodate for V3 that no longer supports a gapless playback experience.
  9. Thank you for giving this your attention, Max! My understanding is that WMA files are gapless and played as such on v2. I'm really not wanting/able to re-encode all of my music to another format. Would the future fix of "pre-fetchinig earlier" have a positive effect with WMAs?
  10. I could try to do this when I get home from work. However, I have over 700 albums already encoded to WMA files and with v2, file format wasn't an issue for gapless playback.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I tried those settings and just have a crossfade between songs now. When I turned the crossfade off, there is still a gap. My music is mostly WMA files.
  12. Mr. Make Believe, what settings do you use to achieve this result? I have played an entire album with v3 and the second time through still do not have gapless. I'm disappointed Max hasn't said anything about this feature one way or another yet.
  13. I'm really disappointed that the Cut Silence feature doesn't seem to be coming to v3.
  14. Thank you for the information. I hope the issue is addressed in v3.
  15. I couldn't find any settings on V3 that produced gapless. Cut Silence, Audio Buffer and Audio Thread are not available in V3 for some reason. I reverted back to V2.
  16. When I just select 'Cut Silence', there was still a slight gap between songs. I then fiddled with the Audio Buffer and Audio Thread, not knowing exactly how they work, but guessing they have something to do with reading ahead in a music file. I just happened upon those two values to achieve no perceived gap. If you still have version 2, I'd encourage you to try it and let me know what you find.
  17. In Version 2, with Cut Silence on, Audio Buffer Size of +750mm, and Audio Thread Priority of +1, gapless works perfectly. Audio Buffer and Audio Thread are no longer options with version 3, either. Sure wish this is brought back on version 3.
  18. Thanks for all of your hard work, Max! As a prog rock listener, I am really missing the Cut Silence feature. Any chance that is coming back?
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