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  1. Blaming Google won't help. Hell most of the devs gets on their respective apps to adapt and improvise over the newest changes Google brings with every major update. Xposed for Oreo was being worked upon when 8.0 didn't even drop. I see substratum developers developing/updating their work and pushing out hotfix releases every time Google changes something. The fact that PA hasn't been updated in almost 2 years tells me that I should now move on & stop looking here for fixes or updates. Lastly I'd like to thank @wasatchbl1 for recommending AIMP which has now replaced PA for me.
  2. I have been reading the forums since 2 months and the fix you've come up with works janky to say the least. Also I did not pay 20 Saudi Riyals to fix stuff the developer should work on once he was made aware by our posts. Least you could do is release a hotfix addressing the issue!
  3. Sucks to see no updates had been rolled out to address the 8.1 issues. With a heavy heart I've left some bad reviews about possibly the best app I've had on my devices for years. Now looking for alternatives, Google Play Music is load of crap. Any recommendations are welcome!
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