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  1. Yeah, the album art dominate a lot of space, and thanks for the support.
  2. What about a setting located at look and feel > player ui, a setting called "advanced ui" This button will make Poweramp more advanced with all features, and when its disabled,only necessary buttons show? I think that's a good idea and a good solution for those who complain about complexity.
  3. I suggest a setting called "Advanced" then when its off Poweramp is simple, but if its enabled it shows more buttons for advanced users. I think thats a great idea
  4. I am good at interface, I can do it. But with the ics framework. Ok? I'll do it free too. When I'm done ill tell you.
  5. The vocal remover was supposed to be experimental, since some songs have interesting sounds. Thanks for the support
  6. Oh, by the way I added volume boost to my list of ideas to the fun category, I gave you credit.
  7. Oh, sorry for this but bump, I wonder why noone is replying...
  8. Poweramp doesn't clear out the notification when it closes, so that's why it remains.
  9. No, but it is a solution, if you install another Rom, you can grant access to DVC, I am running Sense 4 and I have it, but if you are not into installing custom Roms, there are apps to boost volume.
  10. What about you hold the button to get quick access to how long it should skip, like the shuffle and repeat?
  11. Do you have a rooted phone?
  12. What about you max? I really love Poweramp, but don't you think people would love this? Since there are no app on play that offers this, and you keep it optional to keep Poweramp simple.
  13. That's why I am suggesting the DVC. It takes great controll of the sound, and removes the distortion.
  14. Could I add this to my section of effects requested? I made a post about a category with effects.
  15. Tried the preamp? It really helps if you have enabled DVC
  16. Who doesn't like taking the head phone jack a little bit out, to make the vocals sound like in a long hallway? Or making some of the synths a bit weird? Sadly, not all headphone jacks can do this, so what I am requesting, is a vocal remover knob (optional ofcourse) Make it in a category along with other effects, name? Experimental, Fun, Misc or Effects, I already love this app, so what about some fun in it too? Also effects or enchantment knobs could go there, along with stereo x, layout? Try making a button that opens this little window with all these effects, or maybe another screen? You n
  17. I would like to have Poweramp in norwegian, I am norwegian myself, so i would gladly help. Thats all.
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