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  1. I have this problem too. It's happening on a regular basis since the first beta build... Though when I click on the Mini-player, the song playing or the last played song is showed in the Player UI. 😕 Coming back to the List and a wrong song displayed again in the Mini-player...
  2. (Solved) When a non queued song number 1 is playing, I can't queue the song number 2, without cutting abruptly the song number 1...
  3. Again, there is a bug with the last song play in the mini player after quitting the app or reseting the phone.?
  4. Reporting a bug i am getting on every beta version since the start. Whenever i try to clear cache and data, reinstall without import settings etc. it still getting back. I can't avoid it! It is about the mini-player in the botton of the app. If I started a song in my list and paused it in the player interface. Then close everything and restart my phone. Going back in PA, the song in the mini-player isn't the one i paused before restarting. A random song is display or for me it is usually the same bad one everytime. I am on a S9+ with a snapdragon SoC. Stock ROM. Thank for your amazing work on PA!! It is simply the best!
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