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  1. I have this problem too. It's happening on a regular basis since the first beta build... Though when I click on the Mini-player, the song playing or the last played song is showed in the Player UI. 😕 Coming back to the List and a wrong song displayed again in the Mini-player...
  2. (Solved) When a non queued song number 1 is playing, I can't queue the song number 2, without cutting abruptly the song number 1...
  3. Again, there is a bug with the last song play in the mini player after quitting the app or reseting the phone.?
  4. Reporting a bug i am getting on every beta version since the start. Whenever i try to clear cache and data, reinstall without import settings etc. it still getting back. I can't avoid it! It is about the mini-player in the botton of the app. If I started a song in my list and paused it in the player interface. Then close everything and restart my phone. Going back in PA, the song in the mini-player isn't the one i paused before restarting. A random song is display or for me it is usually the same bad one everytime. I am on a S9+ with a snapdragon SoC. Stock ROM. Thank for your amazing work on PA!! It is simply the best!
  5. Max is the only dev on this project. I don't see how paying him will make the release happen faster... How can't you understand that this is his project? He owe you nothing and he can do whatever he want! Reality is: Even if it's not ready in two years, most of us would still buying it.
  6. There is a big difference between promises and projections. ETA questions leads to projection and kids frustration which is useless and annoying...
  7. You have a stable release with the alpha 709. It could have been name version 2.5! V3 is not ready yet, carry on like everyone.
  8. This is exactly my opinion. Thanks for sharing it. I read comments here on a regular basis and I am thinking almost everytime I quit this forum: People are insane...
  9. Max is doing an amazing work with this third version!! Congratulations to him! Unfortunately, I've uninstalled it after a five minutes try-out and returned to the last stable release. (I am also concerned with the Oreo/Poweramp situation everyone knows.) I understand this preview was intent to calm down "children" and I sincerely hope Max didn't waste to much time on this special release. Like most people on this topic, I could have wait much longer (and I will) for a more stable, daily-use release, like the alpha was. Looking forward for next release. Keep up the great work!! Native french here and tried my best to write in english, please be respectful. Pat
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