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  1. 1 hour ago, pauzak said:

    I still think you guys made a huge mistake. changing the original app so drasticly.. it's just absurd. every time I update my 709 build by accident to this piece of **** breaks my nerve right away.. no hierarchy preserved, everythings unballanced, cant browse through folders like we used to.....  (like, do I really have to scroll up 1000 songs to get back one folder?). why couldnt it be just another app version - a separate one? why?! makes no sence.. basically u destroyed our trust on urselves. will never advice to buy this thing to anyone EVER again. was biggest mistake.. you unresponsible devs! ? it feels like you sold the product to some millenium shmucks  or smth. and the spirit of this wonderfull Poweramp is gone. all is lost.. :( you killers...... never coming back to this forum as well. all these tries.. such a waste of time.

    If you don't like it then just use old version or switch to other player but you don't have any right to use this language. I am very much happy with ui and sound it is the best android audio player till date.

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