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  1. To Andre & Kells, thanks for the advice I will try both of your ideas and see which one works. I am glad I am not the only one with the same issue with Samsung S8+ I am also with AT&T as well. Again thanks a bunch! Jeff
  2. Hello, my Samsung S8+ has been upgraded to Oreo 8.0 and my Poweramp is crashing to a black screen. I tried uninstalling and re-installing it to no avail. I wonder if the new Alpha version will fix this issue.
  3. Yeah I read somewhere you can convert DRM songs too, but since all mine are 128 bitrates it might sound awful upscaling it to a higher bitrate. I decided to go with Google Play Music to download the songs that were in DRM instead of Apple. It cost me a little but at least I can play it on any platform. Now all music files are showing in my playlist. Now I am just having a small issue with PA not showing the full playlist. I will try and figure it out with rescanning my music library and delete duplicates I have on my SD card. I want to use PA as my main music client since I like that UI and th
  4. Hey Andre, okay I DL the iSyncr and gave it a try. I found out why my songs and playlist were not copying over. Some of the songs I had in my library are 128 bit and dated 2005 to 2009. They were DRM and could not be copied. I am glad iSyncr also shows the list of songs that are in question. I had to contact Apple about redownloading them again since they are the older versions. I found that they are no longer available for download and I would have to pay for the newer versions in the higher bitrate. I can't believe this I have over 43 songs and that will add up? So I was given a credit of 5
  5. Okay, I just received my Samsung S8+ and I had reformated my SD card and recopied my files back to the card. I was able to copy all my songs over but still its skipping 49 songs for some reason. What I am thinking is there are still some DRM files that can not be copied over. But for some reason one of my playlist in iTunes is 644 songs but in PA the playlist shows 598 songs? I tried different times to copy or import/export the songs/playlist over and I get different results the highest I got was 609 songs on my playlist. I don't know what is causing it. I get the same amount of playlist on ot
  6. Okay, I sent my phone back to Samsung since it's still under warranty. It's been acting strange like low music volume, battery overheating when charging, fast battery drainage with minimum app usages. I will copy everything on my SD card to the computer and then format it and recopy to the card and see what happens when I receive my phone from Samsung. Jeff
  7. I will give that a try. I have not reformated my SD card and its filled with stuff. It will take me a little time to find what songs that are not copied over in the playlist so I don't add the same songs over again in the list. I will get back to you and report what happened. Thanks again Andre. Jeff
  8. Hmm, that's a good question. I just removed the music files and playlist from my SD card and I used SynciTunes Pro to import my music/playlist over again and it's going to the same directory as before and it's copying the very same amount as before. But 49 songs are skipped as before. and some are missing in other playlists as well. Okay here is where it's interesting. I have 2 Android phones a Samsung S8+ and a ZTE Blade Spark. I synced the same iTunes music/playlist on my PC to both devices, and I am getting a different amount of music/playlist on both devices??? To be exact 1185 files alre
  9. Okay, when it first import my music/playlist over it flashed on the bottom screen how many playlists found and the number of songs skipped. When I try to look for the songs manually I can not find the artist or the songs So to answer your question they do not appear in the list at all. Jeff
  10. Hey Andre, I have a question with PA. when I have it scan or import my playlist music folders it would skip a few songs 49 to be exact. I don't think they are DRM songs because I have replaced them with MP3' versions. I can see them all in Google music app fine and play then fine too but the sound quality is too low that why I prefer PA and the nice UI. Thank you, Jeff
  11. I have to agree with you. I found that out the hard way. I sold my Apple devices because I was limited to what I could do. I wish I learned that sooner before I plucked a lot of money in iTunes music and books. Jeff
  12. Hey Andre, I will give them a try I heard of them but I wasn't sure how well they stand behind their apps with support. The one I tried was awful. Thank you, Jeff
  13. Hello, I need a good app that would copy iTunes music files and playlist over to Android devices. I tried an app that I am not getting help from the developer. I bought PA because I love the UI and the ability to make your music play louder via Bluetooth headphones than the stock music players or Google play music. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jeff
  14. Okay, this may sound funny where on the device do I look to find PA and the playlist files? Phantom Phreak
  15. Hey Andre, yes the playlist is working great I didn't know there were more options on that icon. most don't have that, you just tap it once and it mixes your music. Okay, the reason I am writing you is the playlist I had to import Poweramp playlist in order to get rid of the not loaded yet playlist. It ended up making two playlists of the same songs but with the second list with the not loaded yet is under the File-based playlist which had no songs numbered in the playlist. I hope this makes some sense because it sounds confusing to me lol. So I ended up deleting the duplicate list with the no
  16. Thank you Andrewilly, for your response. Okay, let me try and explain this a clearing as I can. the playlist was originally created with ios I transferred the playlist with a software call Synctunes to m Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. my other music players see and play the playlist just fine. I, however, fix the issues of the playlist not loaded yet. All I had to do was open each playlist and close it and open another and the tracks were listed in the playlist. Now as for the playlist songs, not continuing in the playlist and I figured it out just as you said I had to change the next song icon that
  17. I just bought Poweramp Pro and I am having issues with the playlist. First, when I select the playlist I would select a song, then when the next song plays it would change to all songs list. Also when I look at the list it would list some playlist as not loaded. Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
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