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  1. @atomi ofcourse I have already given ADB permissions and vanced and Amazon music are already added. I have mentioned this in this forum multiple times and provided @maxmp the details.
  2. @Fabriciothat's what I also do now, to make it work with vanced and Amazon music. I wish it worked continuously for Amazon music. I hope @maxmp looks into it. Other than this glitch, it's an excellent equaliser app. regards
  3. @maxmp, please let me know if you had a chance to look at the logs
  4. @maxmpbattery optimization is already disabled for it. It stops working for apps like Amazon music and vanced. Apps like newpipe triggers this app anytime. So the issue is little more complicated than you have mentioned.If you find some time to work on this issue, please let me know, since I have posted multiple times on the same issue.
  5. @maxmp is there an update on this issue in OnePlus 5T. The equaliser stops recognising after 5-6 hours. It has to be forced closed to work properly again and the cycle continues. Please let me know if you require any logs Regards Gautam
  6. @maxmp it shows advanced Player tracking. In the below screenshot, it also shows youtube vanced when actually I'm playing Amazon music. Maybe it is the last data it had when it was working.
  7. @maxmp It works for some time on all identified apps after force closing the equaliser app. After some time , only yt music and newpipe app work with it. Apps like Amazon music, vanced do not trigger the equaliser. I have already exempt the equaliser app from battery optimization. Advanced Player tracking is active with all necessary permissions through ADB.
  8. Thanks for the quick update. However, the issue still persists The equaliser app works only with ytmusic app by vanced team and newpipe app. I assume these apps will work even without advanced mode. Please could you check. It might specific to OnePlus(5T) also. Please let me know if any logs need to be shared
  9. @maxmp Thank you for the quick update. However the issue still persists.Maybe it's specific to OnePlus (5T), please could you check.
  10. Hi, I bought the equaliser app through in app purchase. However, the advanced Player tracking is not working properly even for newpipe app, let alone Amazon music and youtube vanced. I have given all necessary permissions through ADB. It will work for sometime when a new app is identified and then stop. Please can you fix this issue. I'm using OnePlus 5T, Oxygen OS 10.0.1 , android 10, not rooted.
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