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  1. Thank you very much for this new update. It is impressively good! I would like to make a suggestion. If possible, it would be nice to have a 'play next' option when a song is selected. Once that PA song was played, it would continue with the playback that was predefined (random, 'play queue', 'all songs', etc.) thank you.
  2. Hi, friends. For a week ago I'm testing the Poweramp app on my car audio player. That audio player unit works with Android 7.1.1. Many users of this type of Chinese car audio players install Poweramp because the native player is of low quality..., and I must admit that the car audio player earns 100% given the quality whit the Poweramp app. I highly recommend it!!! But I read in some comments that the vast majority of users of this app in car audio players have the same problems: 1._ the audio playback is not completely muted when a call is received 2._ the audio plyback isn't complety muted when a indication of NAVIGATION is received 3._ when the audio source is switched to another source (radio->DVD->Aux->Poweramp) PA don't automatically start playing the music (really start!..., but pauses at the second) If you allow me, I would suggest the following: (1._ really, the sound is muted, but not on all speakers. When a call is coming, the music playback is muted from all the speakers except the center speaker. Maybe they should pause the repreducción of the music, not to silence it) (2._ when an interruption of the NAVIGATION coming..., PA process it as an interruption as a message (from Whastapp, for example) and only a short period of time is silenced and it does not allow to listen to the complete instruction. Therefore, the developers should implement the possibility of increasing the silence delay when the interruptions come from determining the applications) (3._ PA is muted correctly when the user switches to another application but does not automatically start playback when the PA application is turn ON again. Maybe, this problem could be solved if the developers implemented in the future 'the automatic start of the reproduction' when pressed to move on to the next song) In my modest opinion, I think that the developers of this great application should pay attention to these small inconveniences when operating in those Android Car Stereos. I think if these little problems are solved, this player was taken as a reference in this type of players car stereos. P.S.: Sorry for my English, but I had to use a Google translator
  3. It seems to be a usual problem. I also have an XTRONS unit and I have the same problem in the reception of bluetooth calls: the reproduction of the music is not completely silenced. This problem should not be caused by the XTRONS unit because it does not fail, neither the original music player nor others downloaded from PlayStore. I hope the developers of this awesome app solve this problem. Best regards.
  4. I have the exact same problem. I have the latest version of PA and don't mute the music incoming calls. I've tried with all possible settings to mute music during calls. Someone knows how this problem can be solved? Thank you
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