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  1. (just checking the notify option, so I can be in the loop on any updates).
  2. I just want to echo that I love Poweramp, it's the best player I've used for "playing," but yeah, the getting files onto it workflow is rough. I couldn't imagine anyone whose not willing to put up with some tech pain for the gain actually using the app Partially because once the first batch of system-playlists are imported, and-then you repeat this process for a subsequent batch of "new" playlists, Poweramp can't distinguish old from new. It reimports the old playlists "it already has" along with the new ones, creating lots of duplicates that have to be deleted manually. My workaround is to delete the old playlists from the android-system-player, then import the new playlists from the pc, then import those into Poweramp, then delete them from the android-system-player (as to be ready for the next batch) Also with Google having NOW eliminated the old music player (or submerged it somewhere), it's not easy to delete system playlists outside of Poweramp as a workaround for (the new playlists / Poweramp-duplication) issue, because it's based in Google Play, which has a feature-challenged UI. Seems like there should be an auto magic detection if the exact same system-playlists already exists in Poweramp, i.e. same name, track count, titles, paths, etc. ... Maybe just add one of those "hey look like you already have the following playlists imported - want to skip these?" type prompt ... ? ...
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