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  1. When click flot32 semple format use than eco sound and then not use not eco. But why use output sound this feature so please why use this feature please tell me this slove update poweamp next update Poweramp
  2. Your application is run but sound quality eco vocal and bass eco sound and not clear hearing me
  3. When install Poweramp latest beta my mobile micromax canvas spark Q380 version and play music then sound and bass quality was very poor when play sound then eco in bass music vocal quality is very poor not mixed bass and vocal voice eco not clear sound hearing please solve this problem So please sloved sound and bass eco quality and updates me
  4. Clear my app settings but beta version not run my mobile please sloved this problem and some changes your Poweramp app setting and update me
  5. Not spourt your beta version in mobile when install app then app is not run show massage unfortunately stoped app so please solve this issues my moblie canvas Q380
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