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  1. Please fix lyrics problem on ape file.
  2. Please add a feature to show real-time lyrics.Lyrics shall be taken from lyrics attached song, if lyrics written in SRT format or any other subtitle format.We don't want to see real-time lyrics from online. I think this will be a good feature.Offline real-time lyrics feature is not available on any player
  3. Android version: 7.1.2. (pure Android) Processor: snapdragon 626 Poweramp version : alpha build 709 Showing album art of next song for the currently playing song when the Hi-res audio turns on
  4. * Add an option to edit/attach lyrics to a song manually. * Add features to Poweramp as on mp3tag editor and metaX. * Add a feature to identify a song, like soundhound or shazam , which helps to identify song immediately. * Add ftp support for hear from another machine. *Add features like surround compressor , support vst plugins available on Audio workstations like Sonar platinum. Cubase pro , Fl studio.
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