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  1. Thanks! I didnt know that feature. But it seems that my phone doesnt let me use that. "Direct Volume Control - Not suported by ROM"
  2. yeah, my preamp is configured to maximum values.. but some audios still hard to listen in noisy environments
  3. i think this is a very smart solution. personally, i'd change the rewind and foward buttons to skip some seconds, and change previous and next song to do other things.. i actually change music using the touch. a customizable toolbar is awesome idea.
  4. i have some musics that are in really low volume. Other players able to boost the volume, using like a "boost gain" that amplify a few db's of output audio. would be great if Poweramp could do that too. thank you!
  5. It will be great if there's an option to pin up some folders to show in the first positions into the "Folders Filter". Thanks!
  6. I heard some audios that need to back and listen again some times. The Poweramp rewind button doesnt help well in that cases, sometimes back more than i need or even jump to previous track unintentionally. If you could please add an "back 5 seconds" and "jump 5 seconds" button, it will be great! Thanks!
  7. I tried to listen some audios that doesnt have a regular volume. I maximize the parameters into the equalizer, but the volume doenst grow as i need. If you could please add an option to boost volume, it will be perfect. Thanks!
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