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  1. can someone tell me why is it so hard to put the "play" icon in the pop-up menu when you hold a finger on the album position in the list? or make the queued music start playing strictly after the current ALBUM is done playing? i just don't understand, will these little features ruin the whole system!?! i thought it was about making the player more convenient to use, especially since we've paid for it
  2. well, i don't need it to play after the current track and i don't need it to play immediately. those seem like the only options and that's how it's been in my app
  3. what's up with the queue options? when it starts immediately, it's pretty much dumb and i have no idea why is that even an option. if i turn that option off, it still plays STRAIGHT OFF when i add the album to the queue and moreover when i listen to the track that got cut off again it doesn't start the queue after it's done playing now. why can't it just be like before, you play an album, you add somw to the queue and they start playing only after the first one is over? why overcomplicate stuff
  4. lol why does it list this song called "Self Esteem" as a separate album and it says that the title is "Love in the Time of Human Papillomavirus", but you can see that the tags are correct P. S. OK this is ridiculous, why does the player stop after some songs are done playing in the background, it's almost like it crashes silently. you guys have a lot of stuff to do
  5. Oh snap! 1) Thanks, feels a little bit weird, but it works! 2) Yes, figured it out too by clicking on the album name and etc, guess just gotta get used to it now. 3) Well, that's the point, it was better when the play icon was in the long press pop-up menu. I get that it's not much of a change basically, but, man, it's just an icon, why remove it. 4) Finally gotcha, ha-ha! I played two Arctic Monkeys albums from the artist menu and they actually formed a coherent list (thanks for that), but when I tap on the artwork it doesn't show the full playlist, it only shows the tracks for the one album playing. Anyway, thank you for answering!
  6. Hey, guys, I don't have a problem with the new design, so congrats on that, but you really have to bring back the previous full track navigation line. This one looks ugly under the buttons, plus why make it harder to navigate? Like, what's the issue with just clicking on the spot where you want to rewind? Why does it have to be this stupid holding thing instead? Also, I'm not sure if artist album pictures are a good idea, can you make it simply a list without any images? Oh, and I remember the previous version had a very cool multicolored blurred pattern, fitting to the artwork, now it's reduced just to one color, which is kinda lame. However, good job, looking for some updates real soon! P.S. Where do I click to see the current "Now playing" playlist/tracklist when playing an album or an artist's discography? P.S.S. Can you bring back the function to play an album when holding the finger on it? It goes to the menu, but there's no play button. I think it's more convenient when you don't have to open the album menu. P.S.S.S. Uh, it goes straight to the top of the library after you go back, it used to be where the last album you played was. Sorry, guys, but you really have a lot of stuff to fix. Good luck though!
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