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  1. Thank you very much @maxmp, it is working flawlessly. Just one query, Hi-res is not supported on Pie? I am using it on Pie, and from the last build I noticed Hi-res is not working on Pie, but in Oreo it was working fine.
  2. What about the headphone buttons? I am having the same issue as @MeGustaPowerAmp. I am on Redmi Note 4 with android version 8.1. Other audio players respond on the headphone buttons where Poweramp only detects when the screen is on. But fails to respond on the headphone buttons when the screen is off. I am facing this bug from 709 build.
  3. Same here, did you got any solution? I was reading all these posts just to check if some one facing the same problem.
  4. I am using this 709 version and Hi-res is working just great!. And also I didnt like the material design of Poweramp the old is gold!
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