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  1. i feel like Poweramp is SO overdue some of these features. this is essential and it is lousy that people have to use two music apps because there is STILL no DLNA/UPnP support here.
  2. since i paid almost five whole dollars for this app i demand the following features: - a plugin to beep out any swearing or adult themes (it's against my religion and i listen to a lot of hip hop) - i'm sick of having to pay for music so some kind of feature where i can get around that - MIDI support - video player - the ability to take, edit and publish photos - a calendar - solitaire (spider AND the regular kind) - ps3 emulator - a feature where my phone battery actually charges while i listen to music instead of drains - i want the music to play in my ears without actually having to use headphones - the ability to listen to bands that don't exist yet - the ability to select two mp3s and have Poweramp produce a glee-style mashup please release this by the end of the week, i'm sick of waiting
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