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  1. Everything works as expected, and most of the bugs are fixed...except for one: Not sure whether anyone encountered this, but my music will sometimes stop playing after a song or two. I always play albums from start to finish, and every other album will just stop playing after the second or so song. Not a deal breaker as I can just hit play again and it will pick up and almost always continue playing until the very end. Just more so annoying.
  2. No, it's still yesterday today. ?
  3. Long time lurker, first time poster (at least I think this is the first time I post and I'm too lazy to check). Whew. I was so excited to get the "official" update from the Play Store after trying out the beta from here for months. I fell in love with the UI of the beta, so I was super excited to get the official update from the Play Store a few days or so ago. Finally, my dark theme! And a sneak peek that skins can be implemented again! Alas, I kept running into bugs/hiccups and still do. Thought it was just me and/or my phone, only to come back here and check out that it's widespread. I'll downgrade for the time being, but here are some glaring issues I can think of that I'm experiencing (AT&T US Note8, Android 8.0): - Lists don't remember their setting; annoying since I like to listen to albums in full and when I close out and go back it automatically goes back to sorting tracks by title than number. Sometimes I forget to switch that out and realize it only when some songs don't play when they're supposed to. - The "Now Playing" at the bottom (or whatever it's called) rarely shows the correct song that's playing. And when it's wrong and I tap on it to go to the Player UI it doesn't go to the Player UI or anything else. - The DVC Panel doesn't pop up half the time. I like to set it at 96-98% when plugging it through a DAC so I use the DVCP a lot, and now it doesn't pop up sometimes. - I can't remember, but I'm not sure whether the full audio output options are there from before. - Something that's not a glitch but I still want back is the ability to scale the album art. The default size is a wee bit too big for me...! - Also, the scaled visualization bars for controlling the track in the Player UI are a bit too faded in Dark mode. Maybe if you can make them solid black and gray or something else...?
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