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  1. First of all, go make your own app if you want all the features you like. It's that simple. As a developer like max, I know how frustrating this can be. However, it is clear that @maxmp needs to communicate more with his customers. And as for people talking about updates being free, I don't think updates should be paid for. If you knew you were getting an obsolete or soon to be obsolete product, you wouldn't have bought it. I think being loyal to your customers is a required trait as a developer and I think @maxmp should communicate more with his customers and listen to opinions more openly. H
  2. I hope the next version fixes the notification bug on oreo.. The controls turn white and don't work. Restarting the notification by changing notification temporary fixes the issue, but only until the music changes. Please look into the problem if you have any spare time to look at it @maxmp. Thx!!
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