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  1. Thanks Max special thank for this option "Change Tracks By Long Volume Keys Press"👇 adb shell pm grant com.maxmpz.audioplayer android.permission.SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER
  2. Max, i Salute your hard work...🤗 *If you have time! Please try to develop this feature. Stop Time Coundown. Like Poweramp-v2/about area, I LOVE Poweramp 😘💗😍. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for your response Bro? **I'm waiting for next Build** & few days ago I purchase Pro version, now i get a good news for next Build date.. i really appreciate (andrewilley, Max)'s hard work.
  4. Bro, please change ur album art "Squre type" Temp Fix.
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