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  1. 16 minutes ago, djdarko said:

    Ok, I just listened to all tracks up to 5% Tint, I started the album by tapping on track 1 (Stargazing) from the album track list, and listened to all without pausing.

    No problems here.

    The file name was:

    09 - 5% Tint.flac


    Here's my files.

    UPDATE: File info in Poweramp instead in Solid Explorer*



  2. 29 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    @Prekratic Re: song muting - what happens if you change volume when such track is "muted"? Also what output do you use and what is your device + Android version / ROM?

    As for digits, a lot of tracks in the wild have filenames like 01-some track.mp3. Such numbers on start of (untagged) track are recognized as track numbers.

    When I change volume nothing happens, track is muted until I restart it.


    For output I frequently use headphones. My device is SM-A500FU (Samsung Galaxy A5 2015), Android 7.1 / Xtreme OS v3.1 (costum rom).

  3. @maxmp I don't know if this is bug but music files who have number first and are not tagged, PA will not display number. 


    Example: If I have song from 21 Savage (rapper) that are not tagged, PA will display his name as Savage.


    Also, every time when I listen to the Astroworld (album) from Travis Scott (rapper), PA mute sound of song that are called 5% TINT so I must restart whole song to unmute it but if I right now select this song to play, audio will not be muted, so this only happens when I listen album from the start. Album is tagged.


    This bug has been in all v3 versions (for v2 I'm not sure because album has been released 3 months ago when I had v3, not v2 anymore).



  4. On 3/10/2018 at 7:50 PM, antonridd said:

    Wait for something big mistake. Max has violated his terms for release many times. Nobody even knows what the status of the project is, not what the beta will be and whether it will ever happen.

    I know but he is not guilty. I guess he wants polish every detail, and he is also working on the application without any help.

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