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  1. On 12/29/2017 at 0:51 AM, TheoKlink said:

    You do not quite underdtand how this works. With Marshmallow Google decided to prevent users writing to their sdcards which "broke" most apps. Even now there are apps that do not work properly. They introduced a new framework but even this changed with each subsequent release. This time (Oreo) they decided to substantially change they wsy notifications work. Again developers have to figure out how the new methods work and amend their apps. This takes time and Poweramp will adjust the code but it takes time. No need to get frustrated or angry at Poweramp. As Andre says, Google is the culprit, time and time again.

    Google own android and simply introduce whatever they feel is necessary leaving developers to catch up.

    Fully agree with this. 
    I believe is developer job to update it where there is 1 million of ppl that has bought it. Developer need to catch up. We pay for it. Dev, I wish u can put more effort to this. 

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