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  1. Hello, First, thank you for Poweramp, still the audio player number 1 for me on Android. I just would like to give my point of view regarding priorities as I notice the focus right now seems to be on material/skin. To me, Poweramp is still pretty good in term of UI and UX, even if for sure it could improve. But most of the time, I listen to my music without looking at the screen, I have my playlists, my bluetooth headphones and my phone stays in my pocket. So what matters to me is control via bluetooth (which is already here) but even more important: access to my music. And this is where I would like to emphasize the need for cloud support. As my library grows over time, and also because I share my music with my close family, all my songs are stored on a NAS which offers different ways of accessing the data (FTP, SMB, DLNA, Webdav, ...). This is a very convenient way to store and share music. And I believe this is also the future of music - all the millinials are now listening go music only over internet: "in the cloud". I still like the idea of "owning my music" and thus having it stored on my devices. But it is true that having it stored in a single location and having all my devices able to access it is really becoming a must have feature for me. It facilitates management, sharing and saves space as i dont need a copy of my music library on all the devices i want to use. I have my own private cloud at home, but it is also possible to use public cloud for storage (Dropbox, google drive, oneDrive,...). I believe the support of webdav and some of the proprietary cloud protocols should be a priority for Poweramp in order to stay relevant in todays ever evolving world. Thanks again for a great music player!
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