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  1. @maxmp This clear button at search option doesn't work. ScreenRec_20180823_002937.mp4
  2. Ummm, Did you paid for V2 Or V3 first of all ? Use v709 it's stable even with Oreo. Also, Can you see MAX messages ? He posted some themes which will be inbuilt, a Alpha build to let user know it's not a dead end here with the same Licensing... Dude, It's just one Person Working on it so calm the f. down with these stupid questions I am visiting Forum approx. and it's flooded by these questions so idc and not even MAX, it will be here soon by now. Don't believe ??? Wait.
  3. Thanks @clever_man for these little updates, And MAX for keeping the project going & making it Better than yesterday ? No ETAs, just here to appreciate Your communication with MAX... Let's hope everything is going on behind the bars and MAX is well being after all this one big little Player is handled by One Legendary Man Alone. Hats off to MAX & more to Clever_man for these little updates. TYSM for the Poweramp Player
  4. Yeah, Read your earlier posts now. Somebody said above, if you use OPENES HD with Float32, it will be a little lowering of Volume, but not as much as Highres. You can try if you want to. Else you already are good to use the normal output till Max fixes it
  5. Umm, AFAIK, it's enabled by default in both 704&740 Can you disable it via Audio>advanced tweak and check... ?
  6. I was having the same issues. But it's gone after force closing the app. Can you please try it ? If doesn't helped. Try restarting the device.
  7. Renam the file to PAv3_704.apk then check, already reported by many, The downloaded file is of unknown format... So try renaming and making it as .apk
  8. Long press the info in the middle where a little audio description is given, below the Wave seek.
  9. No hires experimental output support for Oreo. Blame Google. Security patches already f*ked Substratum.
  10. Disable Direct volume control inside hi-res output settings. Use it, it's better. Just a personal opinion here
  11. Works here. Try to do this. 1. Enable MusicFX option via audio>advanced tweaks 2. & Enable MusicFX insie Eq>musicfx tile (2nd page) 3. Restart Device. Remember, V4A should be enabled before restart.
  12. +1 But I voted for Hi-res Audio. And I am sure, Most of us needs hi-res audio
  13. Yes, I noticed it firstly and reported already. Try to force close the application and check issue. Atleast it's working fine now after a force closing for me.
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