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  1. Hello, i am testing Poweramp and really like it, but one this does not work and thats why i am not sure if i want to buy it or not. When i am using Poweramp in folder mode (like in Windows Explorer) i do not see the cover of the main folders, even there is an picture (name.jpg) inside. Example: sdcard/mp3/audiobooks/book1/ (here is the album cover picture inside) sdcard/mp3/audiobooks/book1/series1/file.mp3 sdcard/mp3/audiobooks/book1/series2/file.mp3 When i am in the "book1" folder (so it shows me "series1" and "series2") i can the the cover of the mp3 tags, that is ok. But when i am in the "audiobooks" folder (where i can see "book1") i does not show any album cover. I want that it shows any album cover from an mp3 tag inside or the cover i put in the "book1" folder so i can find an cover image. In many other player apps this works or has an option to set the name.jpg inside an folder as album cover, but here it seems not to work. Is there any option to tell this app to show me the cover also in the "audiobooks" folder? Greets, viper