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  1. Thanks. I tried long pressing all sorts of things yesterday to get it to open, but nothing seemed to work. The closest I could get to get it working was to use a file manager app to open the external hard drive, then select one of the mp3 files, then choose open in Poweramp. That works for 1 file, but it does not work for a full folder and the NEXT button does not take you to the next file in the folder after its finished.
  2. The download version did install and unlock, thanks. Its not usable though because I cant get to the hamburger icon, so cant re-scan. Giving up on trying to get it going on the old device. There is a built in music player alternative that does not sound as good, but is acceptable. Thank you for your help @andrewilley
  3. Its a car stereo, there's a picture of it in the last thread you helped me with: From there I got added to the 'beta' testers so I could install the next version which allowed me to access the hamburger icon menu button. It worked well all last summer, but now we're back for this years summer and haven't been able to get it going yet.
  4. Last summer I bought Poweramp for the android device in my motorhome. We've just got into it again and Poweramp was complaining about file system something, do a re-scan. I couldn't locate that so uninstalled the trial version and opted out of the 'beta' program. I have got the unlocker installed, but when I open it it says it needs the trial version. When I click install the trial version it says its not compatible with my device. How can I get Poweramp running again? Thanks.
  5. alas no, none of the different audio output options enabled the fade to rear to become available.
  6. Thanks @andrewilley upgrading to the alpha 703 version fixed the "Can't get to SETTINGS" problem for me. Disabling DVC did not enable me to use the cars built in fader to move the sound more to the rear, but that is a different issue, so will read the forums to try to solve that. Thank you.
  7. I've got Poweramp trial currently installed in my car's android 4.4 head unit and it sounds great. The actual problem I'm trying to solve is to have the ability to fade to the rear speakers. After reading the fourms I believe if I can disable DVC "Direct volume control" my head unit's speaker balance and fade control will take over and I can achieve what I want to do. ( fade slightly to the rear ) The problem I'm having is I'm unable to locate Poweramp SETTINGS -> AUDIO ENGINE -> ADVANCED TWEAKS -> DISABLE DVC I can't locate where the "Poweramp Settings" page is.
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