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  1. It took some time but now I really fell in love with the animations. Great work!
  2. I really like it. After a short time the interface is really intuitive, great work Max And sound is great as always. Looking forward for all the basic library features in the next betas and fully black theme. What I don't like are the black bars on the album cover. But that's a matter of taste, no huge thing.
  3. Preset: Rock Bass: 18%, Heights: 35% Galaxy s7 Edge (Exynos), Actual Headphones: Sony XBA-H1 (in-ears) & Sony MDR 1R (over ear)
  4. The Alpha works great on the Galaxy s7 Edge (Exynos) One thing I notice is that the "play the last song to the end" option from the Sleeptimer does not work anymore. The sound strictly stops after the chosen time.
  5. Hi Andre, this was working for me once, but now no chance to grant write access to the sd card. Even with this trick. Hope there will be a fix in the future. But ether way, thanks for your support here and of course a great THANK YOU to Max. I was looking forward to this alpha version since the end of 2012 / Beginning 2013. The release of this alpha was a nice little after christmas gift a couple of days ago. It sounds great, really enjoying the new sound engine. With my in-ears it´s also a nice improvement but especially with my over ear headphones at home the improvement in terms of the
  6. Thanks for your answer. But these are the same informations Max gave us over a year ago and nothing has happend
  7. Any News regarding V3? No Player updates since July
  8. Hi Poweramp team. Since the update to Android 5.0.2 i have two issues with Poweramp 1. There is no Sound when MusicFX is enabled. With Android 4.4.4 there wasn´t a problem. It´s the Xperia Z2 (D6503). 2. The buttons in the notification area are barely visible because Poweramp shows white buttons on a white background. Solution: Enable the negativ colors in the Poweramp options! It´s the official Firmware from Sony. Not rooted, not modded... Keep up your great work! Thank you.
  9. There is an issue after rebooting the device (I have a Motorola Razr with Stock ICS Final). After a reboot Poweramp completely forgot which song played before reboot. After reboot the first song of the complete library is chosen (I´m usually never in the complete list, most of the time I´m playing albums), also the widget don´t get any updates and I can´t control the player with it. This happens after every reboot. Ah short scan for new files and the widget works again. In Version 2.0.5 I never had an issue like this. Hope you can fix this
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