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  1. I want to bump my old thread. Hopefully requests 4 and 5 will be available in the 3.0 update. Any idea when that will be? It would be a perfect Christmas present.
  2. I would also like to see this option: 'Genre - Artist - Album - Songs' instead of 'Genre - Album - Songs'. The latter makes no sense.
  3. Do you think it is possible to add this in Poweramp? Or do you know of any apps for android that have this feature and can work with Poweramp?
  4. Any progress with the stereo/mono/channel swapper?
  5. Thanks for the reply! 1) Yes, that's it... It starts directly now. All the wasted time waiting for Poweramp to respond! And it was just scanning.... 2) Thanks! 3) I will try that. 4) Yes, more buttons (I mean slides)! I got the idea from Cool Edit Pro. You can edit mp3 files in a way I described in post #3. With old jazz records and with old Beatles records (for example) the stereo is too much. It's really annoying to listen to a record through headphones when you have all the vocals and drums in one ear, and all the guitars and bass in the other ear. But to make it completely mono is so dull.... I hope it is possible! 5) Yes, yes! Maybe it is possible to make a slider (is that the word?) with on the left "stereo", in the middle "mono" and on tthe complete right "channel swap" (so right is left and left is right). And it would be possible to listen to everything in between. Is that possible? It would be friggin' awesome. Cheers!
  6. Any moderators who can help me? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your response, but it's not what mean exactly. The balance knob makes it possible to make music come only out of the left or or the right ear, or something in between. When stereo is 100% of the music of the left ear coming out of the left ear and 100% of the right ear coming out of the right ear, mono is 50% of the left ear and 50% of the right ear coming out of the left ear and 50% of the left ear and 50% of the right ear coming out of the right ear. There is a lot in between that. I do not want to turn off a whole ear with the balance knob.
  8. Dear people who made Poweramp possible, I absolutely love Poweramp. I've tried a lot of mp3 players on my Galaxy S, but this is the best. It also makes my iPod completely obsolete, cause you cannot change a lot in the preamp of an iPod. I do have some questions / requests for the makers: 1 Poweramp takes a very long time to startup on my Samsung Galaxy S. Sometimes even up to 15 minutes. I know that a Galaxy S is not the newest of smartphones, but still.... 15 minutes to startup and it sometimes uses up to 85% of my CPU. Is there a way to make everything faster? 2 It is very hard (maybe impossible) to change the name of an artist, album or the genre of an album or artist. As far as I can tell you have to change it in every individual song (which can take really long). Why not make it possible to change the name of an artist or album without having to change it in individual songs? 3 I don't know how to add album art for a whole album when Poweramp doesn't recognize the album. I have always the year in front of the name of the album in stead of just the name (so for example: '2001 Is This It' (from The Strokes) in stead of just 'Is This It'). Result is that Poweramp cannot add album art because it doesn't recognize the title. Maybe it is possible, but I don't know how. Can somebody explain me how to do that? Otherwise it's probably good to fix that. 4 I like the mono button. But there is a whole spectrum between complete mono and stereo. I would love to see the mono button getting replaced by a slider, that makes it possible to between stereo and mono, to explore everything in between. 5 I would love to see a button getting added that swaps channels. So make the music from the left ear come out of the right ear and vica versa. Hopefully you can help me! Cheers, Guoy
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