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  1. Yes, i saw that too. That post is asking for volume button on eq/sound adjustment screen. In general, playback window is the default screen. So, if volume percentage is shown in a small portion of space in playback window, it would be helpful to check the volume without multiple clicks.
  2. Yes, i saw that post... But a slider would take lot of space...
  3. Hi, Wouldn't it be awesome to include the current volume percentage somewhere in playback window, upon touching that a small popup with + and - button will show, which can be clicked to adjust the volume, click by click or continuous. Thanks
  4. Well, it will sort the items by year, but it will not show/list different years as categories...
  5. Hi, Please add option of flexible sorting in any playlist or folder. E.g., Sort by Year/Release date, then by Album, then by Track number or Track title or Rating or Star... Etc Thanks
  6. Hi, Please add "Year" as view in Library. Thanks
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