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  1. tdas777

    "Year" as view in Library

    Well, it will sort the items by year, but it will not show/list different years as categories...
  2. tdas777

    Library - Year Sort

  3. tdas777

    Flexible Sorting

    Hi, Please add option of flexible sorting in any playlist or folder. E.g., Sort by Year/Release date, then by Album, then by Track number or Track title or Rating or Star... Etc Thanks
  4. tdas777

    Playlists are not appearing

    Hi, I have many playlists in m3u format, which were appearing in earlier version, but now it's not appearing. I tried clearing cache.
  5. tdas777

    Builtin theme is not working

    Hi, The builtin theme is not working.
  6. Hi, Like earlier versions, please provide option scale down the album cover on the player screen with visualizer. Some person like me, like to keep the visualizer on top with album cover just minimum like 10% scaling. Thanks
  7. tdas777

    Album cover scaling Required

    Yes, i noticed the same. I like the visualizer on top. The album cover can be placed as thumbnail in front of song title.