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  1. LOL It is unfortunate that almost 2 years after i started this thread and after people asking for a car skin with LARGER fonts, nothing has been done despite having been told in a couple of threads that a car skin would be developed. Hey it's the norm around here. I was very keen on this feature also but feature requests in general don't have much hope. I doubt that the dev even reads this thread or even cares what people ask for. Poweramp could be so much better and with the word "power" in the tittle you would think that staying ahead of the rest and providing amazing features would be t
  2. Jay

    Add Car mode

    BTW that 3rd party app is called "InDrive" and though it has potential the dev of it "CODE SECTOR" hasn't made it available on tablets.
  3. That already exists guy. Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI > Meta > "Folder path"
  4. Yeah but no one is requesting a neon light show that turns the screen brightness to 100%. Just about all modern media units have the option and there's been no mass recall due to people crashing. If appearance wasn't ever a demand ICS would still be looking relatively the same as Cupcake. As I said it would just be a nice touch for those who use a tablet or their phone as a car audio substitute.
  5. lol were you been sarcastic? That feature is already implemented in the recent release, via the "... a z" thing. I have a search related request... can an option be added to have the keyboard automatically launch when jumping into search?
  6. I request this feature too. I don't think it would be distracting, or lead to an accident. Who directly stares at their device or head unit while driving anyway? It would however complement the whole dash/console center piece of the car with something more appealing then a static image of album art.
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