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  1. Hey max, in the beta update, my device has the Wired Headset option in Hi-Res output but in this alpha update, it doesn't. Why?
  2. Guys, stop spamming this post. Spam won't make max release the beta now. Instead of spamming? Why don't you guys watch Avengers or wait for World Cup?
  3. Hi I'm using Poweramp v704 Sony Xpreria M4 Aqua Dual E2321 Android 6.0.1 stock rom. When I modify in the Sony's MusicFx in setting, the music instantly stop. How can I fix this? Sorry for my bad English lel
  4. 1. sony Xpreria M4 Aqua Dual E2321 2. 6.0.1 stock rom 3. A guys used a mod to change something on the audio_policy.conf and build.conf and Hi-Res mode began to work. I have the Hi-Res option too. But it failed to work. audio_policy.conf
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