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  1. Hello Poweramp Team ? I am again very happy ? with this new update. Black skin is awesome. Every layouts are rendering as expected. Now it's fully functional and ready for daily use. And we are most happy with new lockscreen idea ?. It is awesome now we can watch visualization quickly without going to main app. But the problem is we have to also unlock system lockscreen every time. Please make it skip directly because I am not using any security on lockscreen. And again thank you very much for your all hard efforts.
  2. Hello Developers Once again I'm here with a new improvement suggestion. Now problem is that when we listen music in Poweramp and at the same time we browse instagram and then automatically playing videos in instagram. When we increase volume for current video and after finishing we move to more stories then suddenly Poweramp resume playing with boom sound and often makes us frightened and shiver this can also damage our ear . Please developer fix this problem by saving current playing volume on audio focus loss and then restore that volume on Audio focus gain... Thanks
  3. Thanks for your Answer. I'm already using these options. And I think Due to Android "Warm Startup" reason android keeps all main activity objects even after distroying it, in memory until its foreground service running. So user would not have to cold start app again and again . Thanks
  4. But, due to this reason android kills complete process in low memory condition to free memory and unfortunately music player stops. This leads to disappointments. Android could not take this memory back without killing process. If Main Activity is destroyed then It should must release its all allocated memory. Otherwise this is waste of memory. Why android having this limitation. I think anyone have no right answer. Leave it!
  5. Hello Poweramp team I have one question, that when we play Poweramp automatically by plugging in earphone then process allocates only 13mb memory but when we play it by launching main activity and then immediately distroying it then process allocates 43mb+ memory. But after distroying main activity process should allocate approx 13mb memory. Behind this issue Is there any Android limitations or any thing else? Please let me know! Thanks
  6. Hello Poweramp☣️ Team, Respected Super Developers.☢️ I know you all are working very hard for making Poweramp an Extraordinary music player. I appreciate your work and all the very best for your next release. I know quality takes more time. So don't worry we all have patience and keep coding. Thank you very much. And Today only greetings no Bug reportings?
  7. Poweramp White theme looks great.. ? Dark theme will not look good with this latest layout... So I will stay with the white theme. Till third party skin release. ? Please implement library functions first. Thanks
  8. Hello Poweramp team ? Thanks for polling ? My suggestion is that.... Song/album Name is already at the right place. Please make it fit in single box.. Making like unlike button smaller and placing it left of the box in up down fashion. And please three dot button at right side of the box. And both lines at the center of the box. And whole thing should look like visualization panel that we see at the top of the screen . And should match theme and transparency same as the shuffle, sleep timer etc button. And no problem draw it over the album art. It will look okay..
  9. I am developing a Android Music Player only for learning purpose. And I have created music player custom notification with progress bar and seek functions. (see screenshot). I am showing you this because I want that our favourite music player Poweramp should also have these functions. I am only suggesting... And Last decision always depends on you. Thanks
  10. You have to extract these files inside Poweramp preset folder. See visualization setting in Poweramp for full path.
  11. Hello Poweramp team? I am enjoying Poweramp very much ? I have also added 10000+ visualizations?. I am very happy with this stunning version. thank you Developers ? Now suggestions time.. ? Song meta info i.e. Which is at the bottom of the screen is only changing on touch. I think it should be auto changing with slide up animation. ? current song /Total song is also not showing on the main UI, I think it should be also there in some corner. ? Artist name textview should be more dynamic and it will good when it will also show album, genre, year etc... , ne
  12. I am enjoying Poweramp super music player so much. ? Thank you Developers ? for this grand release. Now the problem currently I'm facing is that visualization is not changing automatically, checked with every settings nothing worked. And second problem is that song/album Name background color is looking very odd as you can see in the screen shot below. It should be same as color of visualization name. Please fix it in the next release. Thank you
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