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  1. Hello Poweramp☣️ Team, Respected Super Developers.☒️ I know you all are working very hard for making Poweramp an Extraordinary music player. I appreciate your work and all the very best for your next release. I know quality takes more time. So don't worry we all have patience and keep coding. Thank you very much. And Today only greetings no Bug reportings😊
  2. Poweramp White theme looks great.. 😊 Dark theme will not look good with this latest layout... So I will stay with the white theme. Till third party skin release. 😎 Please implement library functions first. Thanks
  3. Hello Poweramp team 😎 Thanks for polling 😊 My suggestion is that.... Song/album Name is already at the right place. Please make it fit in single box.. Making like unlike button smaller and placing it left of the box in up down fashion. And please three dot button at right side of the box. And both lines at the center of the box. And whole thing should look like visualization panel that we see at the top of the screen . And should match theme and transparency same as the shuffle, sleep timer etc button. And no problem draw it over the album art. It will look okay.. No need to move anything .. Everything is already at right place 😘 Thanks
  4. I am developing a Android Music Player only for learning purpose. And I have created music player custom notification with progress bar and seek functions. (see screenshot). I am showing you this because I want that our favourite music player Poweramp should also have these functions. I am only suggesting... And Last decision always depends on you. Thanks
  5. You have to extract these files inside Poweramp preset folder. See visualization setting in Poweramp for full path.
  6. Download this zip file that I have uploaded below. Enjoy 😊 Prjm updated.zip
  7. Hello Poweramp team😎 I am enjoying Poweramp very much 😘 I have also added 10000+ visualizations😊. I am very happy with this stunning version. thank you Developers πŸ’œ Now suggestions time.. 🌟 Song meta info i.e. Which is at the bottom of the screen is only changing on touch. I think it should be auto changing with slide up animation. 🌟 current song /Total song is also not showing on the main UI, I think it should be also there in some corner. 🌟 Artist name textview should be more dynamic and it will good when it will also show album, genre, year etc... , next song with slide up transition animation. 🌟 as I have already suggest that current playing Song name color should match the surrounding this should be similar to visualization name panel. 🌟 visualization is not changing automatically please fix it soon. Please sir don't feel bad I am not finding flaws I want that our favorite player should be best player in the world. 😊 Love You Super Developers.. πŸ’ Thank youπŸ’™
  8. Ha ha ha.. Open it from file manager.. Not from Browser.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  9. I am enjoying Poweramp super music player so much. πŸ’“ Thank you Developers 😘 for this grand release. Now the problem currently I'm facing is that visualization is not changing automatically, checked with every settings nothing worked. And second problem is that song/album Name background color is looking very odd as you can see in the screen shot below. It should be same as color of visualization name. Please fix it in the next release. Thank you
  10. Sorry sir I was so excited that I skipped your instructions before installation. Now I have read it properly. 😊
  11. Love you Developers😘 for this awesome release. Now I encountered first problem is that When I enabled Poweramp lockscreen and tried to lock the screen Poweramp stops. Then I also tried to Uninstall the Poweramp and then done fresh installation. But problem is still there and lockscreen doesn't work anymore. Please suggest me something as soon as possible. My device is HTC running Android 6. Thanks
  12. Mayank Choudhary

    Suddenly sound changes to low pitch

    Thank you sir for suggestions. I am agrees with you. I will do it. But sir I'm not happy after removing MP4 file from the library. Before I was very happy that my favourite player also plays MP4 Songs for me. If this feature is partially supported then it is not impossible for our Poweramp "Super Developers" to make it fully supported. If this feature can be supported in future then I will very thankful to you. And still I am very proud of Poweramp Developers. I am enjoying Poweramp so much..πŸ’— Thank you
  13. Mayank Choudhary

    Suddenly sound changes to low pitch

    Thanks for your suggestion I have removed that folder from the list. But video files are also mixed in download folders with mp3 file due to this users have to always suffer.. If All types of files are not fully supported then Poweramp must have a "Scan setting" . Where user can check β˜‘ file types that he wants to scan. I Remember this feature was very useful in TTPod music player of Symbian platform. Please provide this feature in next release because it's all about quality. Thanks
  14. Mayank Choudhary

    Suddenly sound changes to low pitch

    Hello Developers, After Intensive testing I came to a conclusion that this sound output problem always occurs only while playing all Video Songs which is in MP4 format . (And I'm not sure about all other video formats.) And immediately I have to change that song, this only makes situation under control. This makes me very disappointed. Nothing can fix it i.e. changing every settings are worthless nothing works. Please fix this issue in next release. Thanks