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  1. Hello Poweramp Team ? I am again very happy ? with this new update. Black skin is awesome. Every layouts are rendering as expected. Now it's fully functional and ready for daily use. And we are most happy with new lockscreen idea ?. It is awesome now we can watch visualization quickly without going to main app. But the problem is we have to also unlock system lockscreen every time. Please make it skip directly because I am not using any security on lockscreen. And again thank you very much for your all hard efforts.
  2. Hello Poweramp team ? Thanks for polling ? My suggestion is that.... Song/album Name is already at the right place. Please make it fit in single box.. Making like unlike button smaller and placing it left of the box in up down fashion. And please three dot button at right side of the box. And both lines at the center of the box. And whole thing should look like visualization panel that we see at the top of the screen . And should match theme and transparency same as the shuffle, sleep timer etc button. And no problem draw it over the album art. It will look okay.. No need to move anything .. Everything is already at right place ? Thanks
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