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  1. Ahh I see what you are saying about 'cross the breeze.. yes there is a special character for that song and maybe I misunderstood where you were going with that comment.. but that still doesn't explain why that song was even showing as in the Mini Player window when that was not the song I was playing at the time What you are essentially suggesting to me is that there can be no songs in your entire Music folder with special characters in their titles, regardless of what song you are currently playing. Correct? Here is the problem. I could go through all my music and change the tags, but then the titles would not be accurate. And no other media player I use seems to have an issue with these special characters. For example, 'Cross the Breeze is supposed to have that special character (see the attached image). I also have songs with titles like <ignore the quoatations> "(HOPE) Is Just Another Word With A Hole in it" and so forth.. so the point I am trying to make is something should be done to fix the issue because if you want to maintain an accurate music library, you want it to match the original source titles as much as possible... not make an acception because one media player has an issue with it.
  2. This error happens to me no matter what characters are in the song title. Basically the bar at the bottom always displays some random song. Even if I go back to the main menu, the bar at the bottom shows some random song as opposed to what is currently playing. Also curious, is there a way to remove this "now playing" / "last played" bar altogether as an option? UPDATE: I did notice that if I back out of the app entirely (while music is playing) the error corrects itself, but that doesn't change the fact that the bug still exists.. so hopefully that information helps Google Pixel Poweramp v3 build 820 Android 9.0
  3. I noticed the same problem today on my Pixel running Android 8.1.0 official release. The players buttons are no longer visible, and they do not work either.
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