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  1. Legitim question. Max said update in May and full version in June and nothing happened....
  2. The first thing I disable. Never understood for what visualisation should be good for.
  3. For me a Black Player EX with the sound machine from PA would be a dream. I don't really like the play screen not to say it's ugly for me. But because of sound quality I have to stay with PA ? I also have to say that it is really ridiculous to have a music player without artist listing. That's the most basic feature of a player. I know it's very alpha but anyway.
  4. Really think it s a good update. I know some features aren't functionally yet, but what I don't understand is, why not having the artist view working instead of all songs or album? I mean, most of us choose their sound by artist and not by all songs ;-) Nevertheless...great update and amazing sound (as usual)
  5. Thanks for the update. Guess there is still a lot of work to do. Widget doesn't work and I can not choose "artists" in the library section. Only albums, all songs and queue. But the sound is still amazing!
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