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  1. Macky02


    Hi, What is the Aaudio output? I use it and It's sound good on my samsung s10 compare to hi res output. Can anyone explain what it is? Thanks!
  2. When using hi res output should my music files be flac format? Or can i use hi res even mp3 format?
  3. Hi just want to ask what is the difference of the preamp in RG compare to the preamp slider in the EQ ?
  4. Is it ok to use hi res output if i just using mp3 format or it should be flac?
  5. I see so i only leave headroom gain -6db if i will be using eq or preset. Now i understand thanks for the reply max.
  6. Hi, i just wanted to ask when to use headroom gain? Should i use it only when using preset/equalizer or should i leave it -6db with flat eq
  7. Hi! Just wondering why Poweramp is less louder than stock music player.. i tried to disable dvc still when playing music it sound less louder than stock. Hope there is a solution about it thanks!
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