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    Widget issue

    I own Samsung Galaxy S7 and after the most recent update of Poweramp beta I have encountered several issues concerning the app's widget 4x1: - no info is displayed just buttons and after pressing the buttons nothing happens - art cover and song info is displayed but pressing the buttons again have no effect All the issues above are temporarily solved after opening the app.
  2. Hi dears. I think it would be better to have some more songs shuffling options or logic that can be set in the player's settings. It would look something like this: Menu > Settings > Audio > Shuffle option 1: Shuffle among less played songs (will need some count stats for each song to detect how much time each song has been played and choose less played among them) option 2: Shuffle among much played songs (...) option 3: Shuffle by Genre (a genre will be chosen from drop-down list and the player will attempt to select songs with that genre, if such songs exist, otherwise default shuffling logic will be used) option 4: Shuffle by last added (a drop-down list with options of "today", "last 10 days", "last month" or just "last added" songs will be used when player will shuffle the songs) option 5: Last sequence (the player remembers the last sequence of the songs including the cases when user manually skipped or chose the tracks and repeats exactly the same sequence when shuffling, and then goes back to its default state) option 6: Default shuffle button: Reset changes
  3. While testing Alpha-3 version on my Galaxy S7 I have found a strange checkbox option in Settings > Folders and Library > Folders/Library Scanner - "@2131232121". By default its state is unchecked and it seems nothing happens when checking and unchecking it. You may also see that option in the attached screenshot highlighted in red.
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