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  1. Here's the problem. When searching using the magnifying glass, it resets the folder to be every folder. Is there anyway to disable that? Is that the intended functionality? If it is, fair enough... just a hassle now to search for a song within a folder as I'll need to navigate through several menus.
  2. Thanks for the response, much appreciated. My concern stemmed from having the shuffle just songs (attached) selected, but it crossing into other folders as though shuffling all songs. However, you're right. I was just confused by the layout... after going back into folders & entering the one intended, it's working as expected. Thanks for the help!
  3. The "Shuffle Songs" feature used to merely shuffle songs within a folder, but now it shuffls all songs from all folders. (I have a main music folder, a Christmas songs folder, a GF folder, etc.) I've attempted flicking the shuffle options in settings, lists, but to no avail. Is this how "Shuffle songs" should be now, or indeed a bug?
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