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  1. Max says.... Do not update phones, stay below Android 5.0 if you want awesome sounds with Poweramp.... Pretty sure Max is still using a device with Android 2 eclair
  2. You all do know Poweramp is EOL... Max retired the project, he's enjoying the occasional read here on the fourm to see how many of us buzzards keep circling this fourm, waiting for an update
  3. Here lazy ass https://www.apkmirror.com/?post_type=app_release&searchtype=apk&s=Poweramp Google search ain't no-brainer either
  4. You all begging for a unfinished product, so then this thread will receive nothing but your whining and boohooing because it's unfinished.... So in other words WAIT. I'm content with 704 what about the ui I never see it I I the customize widget tap play, next, stop who cares. And yes power kicks ass even with version 704
  5. Yeah I know how that's going with Motorola.. lenovo fires all the Motorola devs and you see what the consumer ends up with.... I flashed the nougat firmware through fastboot mode, didn't have a Sprint sim card... And I also was tired of waiting lol.....
  6. Well it took Motorola over a year to push nougat to the moto x pure/style.... Which I didn't think I'd see the day. Patience is all that's needed... Poweramp will show up one of these days
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