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  1. has the remote control function been fixed, id like to use the app on my android tv box, in previous versions my remote control did not work up down arrow keys to scroll to albums enter key did not function either, my box is an android t95z plus

  2. nothing appeared sadly, box just says empty, no matter what button i press, blackplayer ex works with my remote, but im not keen on its interface.

    the pointer function works on the remote though, if i go into settings the remote works with the up and down arrow keys as does the enter key

    but when iv go into back to album view to select an album the up and down keys no longer work to scroll down or up or left right etc.

  3. i installed powermap on my android tv box, screen fits perfectly on my 50inch 4k, my only problem is the boxes remote control arrow up and down keys do not work, i cannot scroll down to albums and select with down arrow key.. i wonder if this will get fixed, so now im using mediamonkey or blackplayer ex apps, they both work with my remote control. Poweramp version 2.0.10 worked with my remote control.

  4. i have an android box that connected to my denon avr amp via hdmi, i was wondering whats the best settings to use in Poweramp to output sound and let the amp

    take care of business sound wise, remembering the app is running from an android box, if that makes sense

  5. i have mentioned this problem in another thread, only the pointer for my remote control works, arrow keys do nothing, as im using app on android box connected to 50inch tv, i have the screen in landscape mode in look and feel, library set to folders or folders hierarchy depending on my mood, as i have discographies of bands, i must point out im using an usb air mouse the type with remote control on one side and keyboard on the other, i cannot scroll up down left or right with arrow keys, the original remote does not work either with arrow keys either, i have installed version 2 and it lets me scroll with my remote control arrow keys. will version 3 be fixed ?

  6. On 11/8/2018 at 5:36 PM, andrewilley said:

    Check that you have got PA set for it to startup in the player screen rather than the Library. Also, you can just use the Home button to exit rather than Back.


    thanks, the up and down arrow keys on my remote do not work, only the pointer function works on my usb air mouse connected to my anrdoid tv box

  7. i use folder grid view and was wondering, i have folders within a folder like x bands albums, id like to just view the main folder that all the other folders are in, like x bands has 10 albums in one folder x band 2 again has 10 albums in its own folder etc etc, at the moment, in folder view some bands have 20 or thirty albums and they are all on the main screen, id just like to be able to go into on folder few x band and choose what album id want to play, rather then see them all on the main screen, kinda cluttered.


  8. using this player on an android box, with an usb air mouse, but iv noticed in folder mode horizontal grid, you cannot use the mouse buttons to scroll with or select, only the pointer function works, not sure if i have to tick something in settings within app, or that's just the way it is, only this app iv noticed allows folder grid that horizontal..perfect except for the mouse control.

  9. that's a bit of good news, i wonder if they read these forums, a stripped down version without equalizer and all the other phone preferences bits, android box does the need the other bits...if you think about it, i have my box connected to my denon avr amp that already has an eq section.

  10. the reason i ask, is im using the app on an android box ebox t8 v with a 52 inch tv, considering the size of screen you could fit a load of albums on the screen, at the moment all i see is eight albums, unless i scroll down, you could probably make it fit 32 album art or more without loosing the ability to see album titles ? it would be a great thing if the app could do as i explained, a lot of people are using android boxes now.

  11. newbie here to Poweramp, i use the program on an android box, i have it set to folder view and it shows album art for each album i have within its own folder, is there anyway to make the album art size smaller as it looks like a giant grid with like big icons, id like them smaller so i can see more albums when viewing instead of having to scroll down, as i have like a hundred albums. also how do get the app to start and just go to folder view automatically.

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