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  1. I've been patiently waiting for Android Auto support since v2 ... I hope that now when v3 has been released you can flex your programming muscles a bit more and make PA even better. Cheers
  2. Well I sideloaded "HD skins beta 8" and applied it. The skin itself still looks super awesome however when I select setting the menu is invisible because the colour of the text is black the same as the background I have Poweramp v2.0.10-build-571 (Full version) on Nexus5 Android 5.0 (LRX210)
  3. Right Poweramp was indeed updated but the HD skins made by maxmp (the same developer) were not on google play. Go figure
  4. I've got OTA update to android 5.0 on my N5 and Poweramp does crashes with any not built in skin ...
  5. Hmm, why did not you add it to the list of Common Talk/Planned features for Poweramp v3.0/? Having bookmarks implemented would make Poweramp my favorite audibooks player as well. I really look forward to it. You can make it as a separate product.
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