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  1. Bluetooth (on Java output and OpenSL) not functioning after update (OnePlus 3, Android 8.0). On two different Bluetooth devices (reciever and headphones) next song in album only plays for a split second then stops. It had been much better in previous releases. Other issues since Beta started: On openSL Bluetooth randomly skips songs/stops/changes song early. Especially when on headphones out running. Workaround was to use Java output.
  2. My instinct tells me this is something Oneplus messed up during updating their 'coat of paint' to Android 8.0. I guess we should post on Oneplus forums and wait for fixes.
  3. Hi, Issue: Please be aware that my OnePlus 3 recently updated to Android 8.0. Since then Bluetooth performance has deteriorated. Probably OnePlus or Android's fault. Performance is still usable if not perfect, with occasional split second losses in signal making a 'tearing' noise. Upping the buffer has no effect. Everything Bluetooth worked great on 7.1.1. There might be nothing much you can do about this so I just wanted to send support and praise. You've made a brilliant app. I will spread the word, and I hope you become even more successful. Small request: Since my Android version update, please raise the maximum amount Bluetooth extra visualisation delay from 500ms to 600 or 700ms. I think just over the 500ms extra would make my visual/audio experience sync perfectly. 500ms is very almost there though, and it's not urgent. So no worries if you don't get around to it. It wouldn't be needed if I was still on Android 7.1.1... but something changed after that update. Thanks for reading.
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