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  1. sorry if this is a retread im dealing with wimax which is so slow im not gettin whole pages loaded but what about addong a batch edit type feature? sonething to make moving songs into correct or new folders a bit easier. getting my 44gb collection on my phone sorted properly has been going at a turtle like speed lol also just kinda a cherry on top, ever consider like a generic diy skin theme type deal? sonething not too fancy but where people can change up colors and stuff on thevplayer themselves. seen alotvof peoplw on market conplaining to decs bout colors being off. dont care much myself but thonk tbere may be a buck to be made tbere
  2. dang can they make typing on a mobile any more redic on this site lol i dunno what device ur using but if its a galaxy type see if theres voodoo availible. i keep a sk4g around just cuz the voodoo Poweramp combo beats any ipod or mp3 player ive ever owned
  3. i could be totally wrong but i dont think so, too many digital enhancers works against each other and sounds like poo andcrashes which i do know from experience. plus that beats mod and dsp both ate junk
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