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    E-Mail in Mailwise

    Hm, purchasing Titanium BackUp was pretty straightforward. This here isn't so easy...
  2. Quastenflosser

    E-Mail in Mailwise

    So I tried and installed HTC Email (Motoblur seems to be defunct) and then tried to purchase Poweramp through an arcor.de-E-mail-address about two weeks ago. I was giving my paypal credentials and stuff but no money was withdrawn and consequently no purchase made. How long does the transaction usually take?
  3. Quastenflosser

    E-Mail in Mailwise

    That's a pity. Hm, I seem to have to look elsewhere...
  4. Quastenflosser

    E-Mail in Mailwise

    Hello, I do not have a google account on my phone and do my mails through Mailwise. Will this also enable me to unlock Poweramp after purchase? The FAQs say I need the google email app... Thanks for your help!