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  1. Yes Yes Yes for all those who have experienced 432hz playback you know the difference and will never listen to 440hz again ifthe choice is there. I love my Poweramp Player but I am forced into using Audacity which does the job but is complicated and confusing, not to mention plain looking. Imagine Poweramp with this capability.The onlyand best music player around.

  2. Well Ihave been using Poweramp since it came popular many years ago. I purchased the Pro version within days of using it as it became appearent it was the one and only player I needed. Well now that I have been getting deeper into the internal workings of music It has been a necessity to listen to music that gives the BEST sound reproduction possible. I don'tknow if this has been brought to your attention ornot but I think everyone who has Poweramp as their default player would agree that anytime we can make our listening experience better we will. If it is possible and I know it is, Please add a converter to allow 440hz to 432hz. For anyone that has listened to the difference you would have to agree that there is nothing that compares. Whether you are hardcore rock, country, or jazz youfeel better. It is undeniable that every type of music relaxes you nomatter what genre you're listening to. I currently use Audacity to convert all my music but I want to listen onmy Poweramp player. I think you can see that this gets un-necessarily bothersome and to have that allin one would just be great! So I am asking your design engineers and developers to Please develope a 432hz converter and Player. I know it can be done because there are players that do it. (Audacity) is my go to player because it is important to me to be able to have 432hz conversion and playback capabilities.There is no comparisonto Poweramp for functionality and looks and Audacity just is no where on the same level except I must admit the functionality of Audacity is great but complicated. Any response would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Bill H

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