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  1. Such a great music player must have UPnP streaming.
  2. Thanks man. I read from your profile that you are from Birmingham. I am really huge fan of Heavy Metal and Black Sabbath. There are many of flac files of there albums in rutracker.org mostly 192 khz and 24 bit, and I really looking forward to v3 that would support 192 khz. But I have some more questions. Can I count on 384 khz on the v4 or higher, because there are flac files that rendered from vinyl at 384 khz. And last question, I happen to notice that v2s UI ergonomics are way behind of some other players like doubletwist that provides up to date material design that flys under fingertips. Can I hope that v3 would be something like that or it would be a little bit refined v2 UI. Thanks in advance
  3. I am talking DAC and hi res headphones or speakers with flac file rendered from vinyl on 192 khz or higher, I can definitely hear the difference. Can anyone else reply to my question ?
  4. I dont get it, everyone here talking about how good is Poweramps quality and how they can not switch to other players due to quality of sound and now you are saying that it handles only 48 khz. It makes no sense, can someone explain me this ??? It will be great if Andrew would answer to this that I could be sure. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi. I use Poweramp for the first time, before I used several players like (Neutron, PlayerPro, doubleTwist, n7player). I know Neutron supports 768 khz audio files and PlayerPro supports 384 khz (they say it on their apps description on google play). But I did not find anything about your player hi res range. Please tell me how many khz it supports and if it will be 384 or more you will have one more big fan. And one more thing I wanted to know, if your player work through android system or separately as Neutron does ? I will wait for v3 and hope it will come before 2018. Thanks in advance.
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